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Mouse Delux M618 Vertical

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Kode : MS DLX M618
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Deskripsi Mouse Delux M618 Vertical

Delux M618 Plus Wired Vertical Mouse

  1. Delux fifth Generation Vertical Mouse, M618 Plus Vertical Hand with a Snap-Shaped Bionic Feel
  2. Continuing Colorful Unique Ergonomic Philosophy: Lift the arm ,stretch to the natural state, this time the palm of the palm is the shape of our ergonomic appearance
  3. Femoral Bionic Design Brings Healthy Life: After the human body skeleton, vein of scientific research, worm bionic feel the design, is conducive to ease the use of the mouse for a long time to bring the arm discomfort and cautious sense of farewell “mouse hand”
  4. M618 Plus has a different shape than the traditional mouse, but it still has the same as the traditional mouse key function
  5. Health-Oriented Excellence: Excellent Stability, Rich light efficiency, from the chip to create carefully.


  • M618 Plus RGB Wired Mouse
  • Size: 148.85*94.82*98.93mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Rate:500HZ
  • DPI:800/1200/1600/2400/4000DPI
  • Interface: USB Wired
  • Volt:5V
  • Current:<<>70mA
  • Weight:210g+/-10g
  • Package Includes
  • M618 Plus RGB Version*20

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