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Smartwatch Anak Q12 Waterproof

Ditambahkan pada: 26 September 2019 / Kategori:
Kode : AR SW
Berat : 0.5 kg
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Dilihat : 189 kali
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Rp 140.000
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Deskripsi Smartwatch Anak Q12 Waterproof

Smartwatch Anak Q12 Waterproof

Strap material: comfortable silicone strap
Chip: MTK2503
Internet: 2G GSM
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Charging time: 2H
Display resolution: 128 * 128
Screen size: 1.44
Camera: 8w
Standby time: 70h
Memory: 32Mb
ROM: 32Mb
APP: supportAndroid, l〇S
Color: pink blue
Radiation: lower than the phone,
International standards, no
Hurt our body.
Age range: 3 to 12 years old
Position mode: LBS

1. Function: Call clear positioning accuracy long battery life ultra-thin body cooling wear
2. 14.1mm ultra-thin process design, as thin as homework
The color of the whole machine is gorgeous and rich in texture, which always envied others.
3. Precision research and development and careful design
Carefully prepare each component to make sure everything works.
4. Two-way clear and stable call
The sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments.
Unique antenna design, multiple calibrations to ensure stable calls
5. Voice chat, making communication more convenient
Simpler operation and clearer voice
Easy group chat, support group chat with multiple mobile phones
6. Precise positioning, real-time viewing
Accurately record every corner of the child, fully meeting the positioning needs of life and emergency
7. Electronic fence to always protect children’s safety
Set the child’s range of activities, the parent’s phone will receive an alert when the child leaves the set area.
Prevent loss, prevent entry into dangerous areas, prevent getting lost
8. High performance battery, longer standby time
With high-polymerized custom batteries, charging speed is faster, performance is higher, time is longer than the same power, eliminating the need for daily charging.

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