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Music Reveiver Car Wireless

1. Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR, maksimum jarak transmisi 10 m 2. Bluetooth speakerphone 3. Support Bluetooth A2DP stereo 4. Frequency: 2.4 GHz 5. CE, FCC, sertifikasi BQB 6. 3.5mm stereo jack input 7. Sleep mode, hemat energi 8. Power: menggunakan mini USB pengisian kabel 9. Working waktu: hingga 8 jam

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Bluetooth Music TP-LINK HA100

Bluetooth Music TP-LINK HA100 Bluetooth Music Receiver HA100 * Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone/tablet to any stereo/stand-alone speaker via Bluetooth * Connect with your Bluetooth or NFC-enabled device, using the HA100 or NFC Tag * Connects to any stereo supporting 3.5mm or RCA jacks * Transmits up to 20 meters (66 feet) away, within… selengkapnya

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Car Bluetooth Audio X6

Dimension : 55mm ( L ) x 25mm ( W ) x 10mm Bluetooth : V4.1+EDR, Class 2. Support Bluetooth Hands-free call Function. Bluetooth stereo audio Profile : A2DP Transmission Distance : up to 10m Operation time : up to 8 Hours Frequency : 2.4GHz Power : The mini Usb Cable Charger 3.5mm stereo audio… selengkapnya

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Bluetooth Adapter ES-388


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Bluetooth Music Receiver CLIPtec BMR223

Bluetooth Music Receiver CLIPtec BMR223 CLiPtec BMR223 Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver allows you to enjoy the Bluetooth wireless function on the card speaker, in an easy and fast way. BMR223 can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phone, laptops and tablets. Make music in the audio equipment play by wireless. Bluetooth 2.1 Bluetooth 2.1… selengkapnya

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Bluetooth V4.0 RZB 939

Bluetooth V4.0 RZB 939  

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Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Dongle

Bluetooth CSR 4.0

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Bluetooth Cliptec Dongle Ver 2.1 + EDR RZB737

The CLiPtec Bluetooth Dongle Ver 2.1 + EDR RZB737 provides you better filtering of devices before connecting. Reduce power consumption but with stronger encryption of connection. Convert non Bluetooth PC into Bluetooth enable. Wireless connect to Bluetooth device for data transfer, networking, fax and dail-up. Connect up to 7 different enabled Bluetooth devices. Encrytion and authentication ensure,… selengkapnya

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Receiver Audio Bluetooth

Receiver Audio Bluetooth Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, support A2DP V1.2 Output: 3.5mm Audio interface Sound output rate: 44.1KHZ and 48KH Size: 55mm * 20 mm * 10mm

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Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle Dapat digunakan untuk tranfer file, mp3 atau lainnya via bluetooth.

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